Thursday, 14 June 2012

Chant Hare Krsna in all Situations.

"The name of Lord Govinda should always be chanted in all situations, such as while waking up, before sleeping, while getting ready to go somewhere, and while going there, and even when one is embarrassed due to hiccups, hunger, stumbling, falling down, etc. In fact, one should chant loudly at all times and in all places the name of Lord Krishna, who is also known as Chakrayudha, wielder of the disc. In such chanting there is no consideration of cleanliness, for the Lord is the ultimate purifier."

Translated from the Vaisnava-kantha-bharaniya-nama-mahatmya, Sarasvati Bhavan, text No. 72, edited by Mangal Deva Shastri, printed at Eureka Printing Works, Benares City, 1937.

Quoted in Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu, Issue 278 June 15 2012.

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